Healing Beyond Talk Therapy!

An award-winning holistic wellness center dedicated to helping our clients achieve long lasting results beyond just talk therapy.  Utilizing the power of the brain, our goal is to teach you skills you can use in your daily life – so you can feel empowered to take on life’s challenges, grow, and rebuild.


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Why Choose Us?

An award winning program.

Are you struggling to find a therapist that provides more than just talk therapy? Have you been attending sessions and feeling stuck? Or maybe you haven’t attended the session and you suffer from anxiety, depression, or past trauma? Do you want to strengthen your relationship or are you concerned with your child’s behavior? Have you wondered if medication is the next step or are you looking at a more holistic approach beyond medication?

At Serenity Wellness and Counseling Center, we are familiar with these questions.  We can help you beyond talk therapy with therapists that specialize in their areas of expertise.  Our program gives you easy access to our exclusive services.  You can stay onsite and seamlessly transition from one provider to another.

We offer counseling sessions (online or in person) for children, teens, adults, and families, consultations with our dietitian, neurofeedback, and medication management. 

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    We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve long lasting results beyond just talk therapy. With the mindset of quality care over quantity of clients. Through collaboration our team can provide you with options to support your mental health, physical health, nutrition, and brain health.

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    Core Values


    “Creating Raving Fans”

    Strive to ensure that everyone’s experience is kind, thoughtful, helpful and meets their individual needs. 


    “We Work Together”

    Committed to working with a team of highly qualified individuals to create a treatment plan that provides faster longer lasting results.  

    Clinical Excellence.

    “Knowledge is Key”

    Becoming experts in an area of specific interest, allowing for more meaningful change for our clients beyond just talk therapy

    The Healthy Way.

    “Quality over Quantity”

    Creating an environment financially strong enough for clinicians to see less clients and provide more quality care.

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    We help take the guess work out of finding the right therapist for your care. When you call in you will be provided with a FREE consultation with one of our client care specialist who takes the time to listen to your concerns and match you with the best fit for your individual needs. Research finds, that a good COUNSELOR and client relationship is essential to helping the client connect with, remain in, and get the most from THERAPY.


    Our Award Winning Services.

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    Home - Individual Counseling Services Cypress TX

    Individual Counseling

    Looking for some one-on-one attention? Our therapist are here to help. We work with you to reach your goals and teach you skills you can use outside our office. We explore behaviors, thoughts, and emotions using evidence-based treatment styles.

    Child and Teen Therapy and Counseling Cypress TX

    Children & Teen

    Did a major change occur in your life that’s affecting your child? Maybe you aren’t able to get through to them? Whatever the issue is, our therapist can help you work through it and help your child heal. We provide support for children as young as 5.

    Relationship counseling and relationship therapy in Cypress TX

    Relationship Difficulties

    You and your partner aren’t communicating well — and you don’t know how to fix it. We provide a safe environment for you to work through the challenges and goals in your relationship. And help you heal the relationship wounds. 

    Family counseling and family therapy services in Cypress TX - family counseling near me

    Family Counseling

    Your family’s had some tough times lately. You want to work through events and heal your family bonds. We’re here to help you through divorce, grief, loss, addiction, newly blended, or adoptive families. We explore good communication habits and new ways to work towards shared goals.

    Diet and Nutrition Service in Cypress TX

    Diet & Nutrition

    Struggling with eating? Fed up with your food habits? Diet and nutrition are intertwined with your mental health. We can help you work through your emotions around food. We also create a plan, develop strategies, and make suggestions so you can succeed.

    neurofeedback and the brain Cypress TX


    Neurofeedback has the potential to balance the brain in a language it can understand. We can help you feel calmer, gain mental clarity, and sleep better using this technique. Over 85% of patients see a noticeable change after just a few sessions.

    Yoga and Meditation in Cypress TX


    Do you want to soothe your spirit, improve your mental health, or relieve chronic pain? We offer yoga and meditation classes for just these reasons. We understand the importance of a regular mindfulness practice and can help you develop one. 

    EMDR Therapy Cypress TX


    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)  is an evidence-based treatment designed to alleviate distress associated with traumatic memories, eating disorders, addiction, stress, anxiety, and more. EMDR retrains your brain so you experience your memories without a debilitating emotional response.

    therapy Cypress TX counseling psychiatric medication


    Now Accepting Most Major Insurances

    Medication management can help reduce the effects of mental health symptoms and lift the clouds to allow one to better understand and implement coping mechanisms.  By providing a prescriber at our practice we are better able to collaborate as a team to come up with the best possible treatment plan for our patients.


    Here at Serenity Wellness and Counseling center it is important to us to that our THERAPIST become experts in an area of specific interest. Through specialization, our therapist work to become leaders in their areas of expertise. COUNSELORS who follow a specialty tend to have a passion for a particular concern (ie. Marriage & family, eating disorders, anxiety, trauma). Our THERAPIST are then able to help provide more meaningful changes and coping strategies within their areas of expertise.

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