3 Simple Ways to Balance Your Life

It seems like every time I turn around I am being inundated with “stuff”. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and it can be quite frustrating. But if you follow 3 simple rules, your life will fall into place! Even in busy seasons like the holidays! And if you are anything like me, no time is better that right before the holiday season.

Prioritize. In order to prioritize, make a list of 3-5 priorities. Don’t think too hard about it, but just write them down. You might choose family, work, and yourself. Now, put them in order from the most important to the least. Assign each a percentage of time you feel is appropriate for you to spend, on average, doing each activity. You only have 100% of your time, so assign each a percentage and then add them to make sure they don’t exceed 100%. This part takes a bit of thought, but it is well worth it. Play around with the numbers if you need to in order to total 100%. You should not have extra time left over once you finish totaling the categories.  When you have finished, compare your list to your life. Are you living your list? Chances are, you are not. That’s ok. Time for step 2.Say NO. The art of having boundaries can be hard, especially if you are one who likes to please everyone. However, when you say yes, you are automatically saying no to something else. So, why not say yes to the activities that align with your priorities and no to those that do not. If saying no is difficult for you, saying “can I get back to you on that next week?”, gives you a chance to reflect on your priorities and to determine  if the commitment will support your priorities or not.Make time for FUN! It is important that we allow ourselves time to engage in activities that are refreshing and energizing. No matter if it is a hobby, exercise, or rest, making space for enjoyment brings balance to life’s difficulties and challenges. Making time for fun also gives us something to look forward to. This allows us to press through to the fun event while also creating positive thinking. When we engage in positive activities and thought processes, we also cause endorphine releases to happen.

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