Anxious? Understand anxiety. Do something about it!

Understand anxiety?!? What is it? Help!

No matter what you think right now, you can understand anxiety and that is the first key to getting it under control.

Anxiety is the inability to control the worrying of future and past events. Physiological signs include, but not limited to, fidgeting for no apparent reason, biting our nails, cracking fingers, racing heart beat, uncontrollable breathing, sleepless nights.

Anxiety explodes for reasons that one possibly is not aware of, and can include stressing out for things that might happen, or did happen, but one can not change nor control.

It is like having a repetitive movie play over and over in your head without being able to push the stop button. Anxiety can also be accompanied by erratic behavior in hopes for control or an attempt to understand a situation. Although, oftentimes these thoughts do not change the outcomes.

Anxiety can lead us to question many aspects in our life, including our faith (whether religiously or faith in ourselves and the world) It is uncontrollable crying with real tears of pain and incessant shaking. Anxiety feels heavy on our body and many times one feels sick to their stomachs. Anxiety can also affect our eating habits. Anxiety is Real. If you are tired of it. Get help. With the right therapist and treatment, you can control Anxiety. Don’t let anxiety control you. Take Charge!

Here are a few tips to help with anxiety:

1. Remember anxiety is often a source of our negative thinking, change our thoughts, change our feelings and behaviors.
2. Breathe….. when we feel anxious our brain needs oxygen to process the situation.
3. Start your day setting goals and end your days checking what you did to reach those goals.
4. Get active and get sufficient sleep.
5. Think about what will make you happy and do it!

Learn to understand anxiety and get your anxiety under control by reaching out to a therapist today!


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