How Can LENS Neurofeedback Help You Through Your Healing Journey?

When you are trying to heal through certain stressors in your life, it can be hard to figure out what will work best for you.Every individual, the experiences they face, and how they work through any issues that arise are completely unique to them. There is not a one size fits all type of solution.Maybe […]

What to Do If Everything in the News is Giving You Anxiety

You wake up in the morning and immediately reach for your phone. A notification pops up on your screen with a headline that makes your heart drop to your stomach. After a long day at the office, you’re looking forward to being home. You open the door, kick off your shoes, change out of your […]

How Can Trauma Affect Sleep?

You’ve had a long day. All you can think about is crawling into bed and getting some much-needed sleep. You close your eyes, but you can’t seem to fall asleep. Despite how tired you are, you can’t seem to stop your brain from overthinking. Hours pass. Soon, you’re gasping for air. Beads of sweat collect […]

Eating Disorders Under the Magnifying Glass: What Role Does the Media Play?

An eating disorder is a psychological disorder that involves abnormal or disturbed eating habits. Typically, those affected with eating disorders are obsessed with their food, body weight, and body shape.They often have an “ideal body image” in mind as a goal for what they may be striving for. The media does not make it any […]

How to Recognize and Overcome Food Anxiety

Food and mealtimes are a normal part of our days. We might hit up the drive-thru, grab a quick snack, or cook a hearty meal together with our family. Food can be mundane or exciting. Food can also bring us together.But some people can feel great anxiety over this seemingly ordinary part of the day. […]

3 Sleep Habits to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder in the United States, affecting over 40 million adults every year. Anxiety disorders are treatable and many people will seek treatment from an outside source. Treatment of anxiety should not stop once you leave your therapist or doctor’s office—lifestyle changes at home are key to your success […]

Today is a Gift, that’s why they call it the Present.

Traffic, work, children, to-do lists…these are just a few things that weigh on our shoulders every day. The thoughts in our head are running at 1,000 miles per hour, and, before you know it, we’ve completely missed what was right in front of us; that beautiful sunset, the wind in our hair, the birds chirping. […]

The Anniversary Effect of COVID-19A

A notification from my apartment to either give a 60 day notice or renew my lease, an email reminding me that my year long subscription was going to run out in a month, a notification to update my car insurance policy after a year…all these notifications were normal, but made me take a pause to […]

The Brain Gut Connection

Is there a connection between our mental health and the foods we consume? Did you ever wonder if there were foods that could help decrease depression or anxiety or if the foods you are eating contribute to your depression or anxiety? Reflect on your past weeks meal choices and how you felt mentally and emotionally. […]

Here’s to 2021

There’s a lot on the horizon as we near this next year. When the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, it does not mean that suddenly all our demons from 2020 are left behind, but it does mean a few things. It means we will be living in the same year as when vaccines are […]