How Can Trauma Affect Sleep?

You’ve had a long day. All you can think about is crawling into bed and getting some much-needed sleep. You close your eyes, but you can’t seem to fall asleep. Despite how tired you are, you can’t seem to stop your brain from overthinking. Hours pass. Soon, you’re gasping for air. Beads of sweat collect […]

Today is a Gift, that’s why they call it the Present.

Traffic, work, children, to-do lists…these are just a few things that weigh on our shoulders every day. The thoughts in our head are running at 1,000 miles per hour, and, before you know it, we’ve completely missed what was right in front of us; that beautiful sunset, the wind in our hair, the birds chirping. […]

The Anniversary Effect of COVID-19A

A notification from my apartment to either give a 60 day notice or renew my lease, an email reminding me that my year long subscription was going to run out in a month, a notification to update my car insurance policy after a year…all these notifications were normal, but made me take a pause to […]

The Brain Gut Connection

Is there a connection between our mental health and the foods we consume? Did you ever wonder if there were foods that could help decrease depression or anxiety or if the foods you are eating contribute to your depression or anxiety? Reflect on your past weeks meal choices and how you felt mentally and emotionally. […]

Here’s to 2021

There’s a lot on the horizon as we near this next year. When the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, it does not mean that suddenly all our demons from 2020 are left behind, but it does mean a few things. It means we will be living in the same year as when vaccines are […]

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Our overall wellbeing depends on several different facets of our lives functioning in a healthy, balanced way. It can seem very overwhelming to consider that when we are not feeling our best, it is not just our mental health that we need to focus on, but several other areas as well. However, the benefits of […]

What is Play Therapy?

According to Gary Landreth (2002), “Birds fly, fish swim, and children play”. Play is a natural language for children and toys are their words. Adults are comfortable with talking therapy in the sessions; however, it might be hard for children to express their thoughts and feelings in words. Play therapy provides an opportunity for children […]

Anxious? Understand it. Do something about it!

Anxiety?!? What is it? It is the inability to control the worrying of future and past events. Physiological signs include, but not limited to, fidgeting for no apparent reason, biting our nails, cracking fingers, racing heart beat, uncontrollable breathing, sleepless nights. Anxiety explodes for reasons that one possibly is not aware of, and can include […]

The Space Between

This year has provided many new opportunities and many challenges As humans we are wired to socialize. To gather, to touch, to engage each other. And in this COViD world, well, we can’t. This lack of ability to gather in ways we knew has really begun to affect our mental health. Depression, anxiety, and mental […]

How to Survive Quarantine with your Partner

Over the last month the COVID-19 effect has drastically changed and impacted our lives in away that we are still trying to process it all at the same time, which can feel overwhelming, scary, and uncertain. Quarantine and social distancing are the two most popular words nowadays as it seems are the best options to […]