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The Space Between

This year has provided many new opportunities and many challenges As humans we are wired to socialize. To gather, to touch, to engage each other.

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Coping with the Holidaze…

By: Lizette Vasquez-Pinto, M.Ed.,LPC-Intern Supervised by Tiffany Priska, MA,LPC-S  The holidays are approaching quickly… like now quickly! I got you!  The holidays can be an amazing

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Can I or Can’t I??

“Here goes nothing….I can do this!!!”  “Right now, I’m starting!!!” “I can’t, I’m not a writer, I’m a therapist.”  “Okay, take a deep breath, I CAN do

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Journey in Progress

Sitting in front of the fire on this uncommonly cold winter day in Cypress, TX, I reflect on the whirlwind of the last six weeks.

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