Cheers to 2020!What did you learn in this last decade?

By: Lizette Pinto, M.Ed., LPC-InternSupervised by Tiffany Priska, LPC-S
2010 to 2020! What did you learn in this last decade? What has changed? I was asked this question with no expectation of an answer but just for me to explore. My mom is like that. I challenge you to do the same. Think back on this last decade and journal or have a conversation about everything you learned this last decade. Explore the emotions that go along with each thing and don’t forget to celebrate.
This past decade I learned a lot.I started by listing everything I learned and then summed it up to #adulting! I went from being a young adult with not much responsibility to full blown adult with all kinds of responsibility. Still young at heart though.
I bought my first home. Mortgage, taxes, HOA and so on…right! I learned how to become a wife, it’s work y’all, not just a fairy tale! I learned how to be a mom…if I thought being a wife was work! Oh em gee! Being a mom was transforming. Literally…on my body and my life! That little girl is still my greatest accomplishment.
I went back to school for a Masters and then some for my LPC. I made a huge decision to change my career path, talk about anxiety!
I learned how to take care of myself. Especially after some health scares. I got Bell’s palsy twice, weeks from each other, and on opposite sides of my face. Thankfully, I am healing and still learning how to take care of my health, physical, mental, and emotional. Holistically healing is an ongoing process.
This is why, in the next decade this is going to be my focus. It’s not selfish, I’m still wearing all the hats. I just learned that the first hat I need to wear is the one that makes sure I’m good, not just ok! I need to be my best me, whatever that looks like, to be the best everything else for others!
So, cheers to 2020! The beginning of a new decade! Cheers to what life will bring and the lessons we will learn!
I leave you with this question, what did you learn this past decade? What has changed? Explore it, journal it, have conversations about it, and ultimately answer it!
Xoxo, Liz

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