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adhd treatment in cypress tx

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and struggling to stay focused? Imagine a place where you can find comprehensive support tailored specifically for individuals with ADHD. Our integrative wellness center offers a holistic approach to treating ADHD, combining evidence-based therapies, lifestyle adjustments, and complementary treatments to help you thrive. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges you face and is dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential. With personalized treatment plans, including therapy, neurofeedback, mindfulness practices, and nutritional guidance, we address the root causes of ADHD and provide you with the tools to improve focus, manage impulsivity, and enhance your overall well-being. Don’t let ADHD hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a calmer, more focused, and fulfilling life by contacting our center today. You deserve to live up to your true potential, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Treatment Options for ADHD

Therapy & counseling
Therapy and counseling for ADHD provide individuals with valuable strategies, coping skills, and support to manage symptoms, improve self-esteem, enhance organizational skills, and develop healthier habits, ultimately leading to greater overall functioning and well-being.

LENS Neurofeedback
LENS Neurofeedback for ADHD offers a non-invasive and drug-free approach that can help regulate brain activity, improve attention, reduce impulsivity, and enhance overall cognitive functioning.

Medication Management
Medication management for ADHD can effectively reduce symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention, allowing individuals to improve their focus, concentration, and overall functioning.

Nutrition counseling for ADHD can provide individuals with strategies to optimize their dietary intake, potentially reducing symptoms and improving focus, attention, and behavioral regulation.

Energy Work & Mindfulness
Energy work and mindfulness practices can enhance self-awareness, promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve emotional regulation, offering valuable tools for individuals with ADHD to manage their symptoms and enhance overall well-being.

While research on ketamine for ADHD is still limited, some potential benefits may include improved focus, reduced impulsivity, and enhanced mood regulation in individuals with ADHD.

What is ADHD ?

ADHD, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by persistent patterns of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that can significantly impact a person’s functioning and daily life. Individuals with ADHD may have difficulty sustaining attention, organizing tasks, managing time, and controlling impulsive behaviors. It is a complex condition that affects both children and adults and often requires a comprehensive approach involving various interventions to manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

Why integrative care with a holistic approach

1. Individualized Treatment

An integrative holistic approach takes into account the unique needs and challenges of each person with ADHD, allowing for personalized treatment plans that address specific symptoms and concerns.

2. Comprehensive Assessment

Holistic approaches consider various factors that may contribute to ADHD symptoms, such as nutritional deficiencies, sleep patterns, stress levels, and environmental factors. This thorough assessment helps identify underlying causes and develop a more comprehensive treatment strategy.

3. Multimodal Interventions

Integrative holistic approaches combine multiple therapeutic modalities, such as therapy, counseling, neurofeedback, mindfulness practices, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle adjustments. This multimodal approach ensures a more holistic and well-rounded treatment experience.

4. Focus on Root Causes

Holistic approaches aim to address the underlying root causes of ADHD symptoms, rather than solely managing symptoms. By identifying and addressing factors contributing to ADHD, such as nutritional imbalances, sleep disturbances, or emotional stressors, the overall well-being and functioning of individuals can improve.

5. Whole-Person Approach

Holistic approaches recognize that ADHD affects various aspects of an individual's life, including physical, emotional, social, and cognitive well-being. By addressing these different dimensions, holistic treatments aim to improve overall functioning and enhance quality of life.

6. Non-Pharmacological Options

Integrative holistic approaches offer non-pharmacological interventions as alternatives or complementary strategies to medication. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer non-medication options or who may experience side effects from medication.

7. Empowerment and Self-Care

Holistic approaches encourage individuals to actively participate in their treatment and develop self-care practices that support their well-being. This empowerment fosters a sense of control and self-efficacy, which can positively impact ADHD management.

8. Long-Term Skill Development

Holistic approaches emphasize skill-building and provide individuals with practical tools and strategies to manage ADHD symptoms in their daily lives. This focus on long-term skill development promotes self-regulation, organization, and effective coping strategies.

9. Collaboration and Support

An integrative holistic approach often involves collaboration between different healthcare professionals, therapists, and specialists. This multidisciplinary team approach ensures comprehensive support and a well-coordinated treatment plan.

10. Improved Overall Well-Being

By addressing various aspects of an individual's health and functioning, an integrative holistic approach to healing ADHD can contribute to improved overall well-being, including mental health, emotional balance, cognitive functioning, and quality of life.

Practitioners that Specialize in ADHD

Bryan Bankhead

Co-Owner/Office Manager
LENS Neurofeedback

Morgan Davies

Licensed Marriage Family Counselor

Christa Doyle

Licensed Marriage
Family Therapist Associate

Holly McGowan Eligio

Licensed Masters Social Worker

Michelle Wright

Licensed Professional Counselor

Rubi Lopez

Licensed Professional Counselor | Spanish Speaking

Mi’cah Ducros

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Associate

Natalie Parffrey

LPC-Associate Supervised By Supervisor: April West LPC-S Lisc# 76059