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At our integrative holistic wellness center, we offer specialized teen counseling to address the unique challenges and needs of adolescents. Our team of experienced therapists provides a safe and supportive environment where teens can explore their emotions, develop coping strategies, and build resilience. Through a combination of evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, and expressive arts, we empower teens to navigate life’s challenges, enhance self-awareness, improve relationships, and foster their overall emotional well-being. Our holistic approach recognizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, ensuring comprehensive and personalized care for each teen we work with.

List of Treatment benefits

Therapy & Counseling
Working with a counselor can provide teens with a safe and supportive space to explore and address their mental health concerns, helping them develop coping skills, improve self-esteem, gain insight into their emotions and behaviors, and develop healthier ways of managing stress and relationships.

LENS Neurofeedback
LENS Neurofeedback can be beneficial for teens with mental health concerns as it helps regulate brain activity, promoting relaxation, focus, and emotional stability, leading to improved mood, reduced anxiety, enhanced cognitive functioning, and overall well-being

Medication Management
Medication management for teens with mental health concerns can provide relief from symptoms, improve mood stability, enhance concentration and focus, and support overall emotional well-being, enabling them to better engage in therapy and daily activities. It can be an effective tool in conjunction with other holistic approaches to promote mental health in teens.

Nutrition counseling for teens with mental health concerns can help establish healthy eating habits, improve mood and energy levels, support brain function, and provide essential nutrients that contribute to overall mental well-being, enhancing their ability to cope with and manage their mental health concerns.

Energy Work/Mindfulness
Energy work and mindfulness for teens with mental health concerns can promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, improve emotional regulation, enhance self awareness and self-compassion, and cultivate a sense of inner balance and resilience, supporting their overall mental well-being and empowering them to navigate their challenges with greater ease.

Ketamine treatment for teens with mental health concerns can potentially provide rapid relief from symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, offering a unique therapeutic option that may enhance their overall well-being and improve their quality of life. It can also be effective in cases where other treatments have not yielded satisfactory results, providing hope and new possibilities for recovery.

What is teen Counseling?

Teen counseling is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on addressing the unique challenges and concerns faced by adolescents. It provides a safe and supportive space for teenagers to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors while working with a trained professional. Teen counseling aims to help adolescents navigate various issues such as academic stress, peer relationships, family dynamics, self-esteem, identity exploration, mental health concerns, and coping with life transitions. Through a collaborative and age-appropriate approach, teen counseling helps teens develop healthy coping skills, enhance self-awareness, improve communication, build resilience, and foster overall emotional well-being. The counselor establishes a trusting relationship with the teen, provides guidance, and assists them in developing the necessary tools and strategies to navigate challenges, make positive choices, and thrive during this important stage of life.

Benefits of an integrative Care Approach to teen Counseling

1. Comprehensive Approach

An integrative holistic approach to teen counseling takes into account the interconnectedness of various aspects of a teen's life, including their emotions, thoughts, physical health, relationships, and environment. This comprehensive approach ensures that all relevant factors are considered and addressed in the therapeutic process.

2. Personalized Care

Each teen is unique, and an integrative holistic approach allows for personalized care tailored to their specific needs, strengths, and goals. By taking into account their individual circumstances and preferences, therapists can develop a treatment plan that resonates with the teen and maximizes their potential for growth and healing.

3. Mind-Body Connection

Integrative holistic counseling recognizes the powerful connection between the mind and body. Techniques such as mindfulness, relaxation exercises, and physical activities are incorporated to help teens develop self - awareness, manage stress, regulate emotions, and improve overall well-being.

4. Holistic Wellness

The holistic approach to teen counseling promotes overall wellness by addressing not only mental and emotional aspects but also physical, social, and spiritual dimensions. This includes encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, fostering positive relationships, and exploring values and meaning in life.

5. Collaboration and Integration

Integrative holistic counseling emphasizes collaboration and integration among different therapeutic modalities and professionals. This may involve working closely with other healthcare providers, such as nutritionists, psychiatrists, or alternative therapists, to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive treatment plan.

6. Empowerment and Resilience

Integrative holistic counseling aims to empower teens by providing them with the tools, skills, and resources they need to navigate challenges and build resilience. This may involve developing coping strategies, enhancing problem-solving skills, promoting self-care practices, and fostering a sense of empowerment and self-efficacy.

7. Long-Term Growth and Well-Being

By addressing the underlying factors contributing to a teen's difficulties and promoting healthy habits and coping mechanisms, integrative holistic counseling supports long-term growth and well-being. The focus is not just on symptom reduction but also on fostering personal growth, self-discovery, and the cultivation of a fulfilling and meaningful life.

8. Support for Transitions

Adolescence is a time of significant transitions and identity formation. Integrative holistic counseling can provide valuable support and guidance during this critical period, helping teens navigate academic pressures, peer relationships, family dynamics, and the challenges of transitioning into adulthood.

9. Cultivation of Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Integrative holistic counseling helps teens develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence, enabling them to better understand and manage their emotions, communicate effectively, and develop healthy relationships.

10. Sustainable and Balanced Approaches

The integrative holistic approach encourages sustainable and balanced approaches to mental health and well-being. By promoting self-care, healthy habits, and a balanced lifestyle, teens are empowered to maintain their well-being beyond the counseling process and into their future lives.

Practitioners that Specialize in Teens

Bryan Bankhead

Co-Owner/Office Manager
LENS Neurofeedback

Nicole Bankhead

Licensed Professional Counselor

Morgan Davies

Licensed Marriage Family Counselor

Jonathan Semro

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Lori Weber

Registered Dietitian

Michelle Wright

Licensed Professional Counselor

Rubi Lopez

Licensed Professional Counselor | Spanish Speaking

Micah Ducros

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Associate

Stephanie Romero

Licensed Professional Counselor | Spanish Speaking

Jamillah Elvehoey

Medication Management Nurse Practitioner

Natalie Parffrey

LPC-Associate Supervised By Supervisor: April West LPC-S Lisc# 76059