Our Core Values


  • At SWCC we look at everyone as a customer.  Whether a client, employee, contractor, or business partnerships; we strive to ensure that everyone’s experience is kind, thoughtful, helpful, and meets their needs.
  • Client care specialist who takes time to listen and match the client with the best fit for their individual needs.  Clinician will also monitor treatment success and refer to another clinician if necessary.


COMMITMENT—“Without involvement, there is no commitment.”

Client Wellness – We understand that client wellness goes beyond the behavioral health needs of the individuals we serve. Health and wellbeing are achieved only when all aspects of one’s life is considered. At Serenity Wellness and Counseling Center we aim to create a treatment plan that includes a brain & body approach. Together, with our clients, we create and follow a treatment plan that goes beyond just talk therapy utilizing evidenced based modalities providing skills to be utilized outside the therapy environment.


Committed to becoming EXPERTS in an area of specific interest.  Through trainings and continuing education counselor works to follow a specialty they are passionate about becoming an expert in their field of interest.  Allowing for more meaningful change for the client.


THE HEALTHY WAY—“Quality over Quantity”

SWCC strives to create an environment financially strong enough for clinicians to see less clients and provide more quality care for their clients.


COLLABRATIVE—“We Work Together Always”

Whether collaborating with a team member at SWCC or referrals outside the office, we strive to work together to ensure all clients receive the best possible care for their needs.