Healing During the Grieving Process

Grief is a highly personal experience that can affect every aspect of your life. You may feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, even with the help of friends or family. Each person’s journey through grief is unique, and there’s no “one size fits all” approach to healing. If you’re looking for your own path through grief, these resources from Serenity Wellness and Counseling can be integral in helping you through such an emotionally trying time.

Accept Your Feelings

You are likely to experience many emotions and feel them over and over again. Grief tends to be cyclical; you’ll start to feel better, only to find yourself deep in the throes of pain again. It’s natural and normal to feel exhausted by your feelings. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you pass and re-pass through these cycles.

A therapist or counselor can help you to process what you are feeling and work your way through it. There is no quick path through grief, but having someone you can talk things through with and who can guide you can be invaluable during this process. Contact Serenity Wellness and Counseling to set up an appointment to start working your way through your grief. 

Nurture Your Health

It can be tempting to let self-care take a back seat during this time. However, experts recommend maintaining healthy patterns of sleep, exercise, and diet. Aim for about 8 hours of sleep at night. If you are struggling to sleep, make sure that your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet. You can invest in new bedding and shams for your bed that are cool, comfortable, and sustainable. This will save you time searching. 

and daily physical activities. This may be as simple as taking a walk to run errands or spending time in the garden. Try to spend some time in nature every day for physical and emotional well-being.

Create a Safe Space at Home

Your home should be a safe place to experience the difficulties of grief. Try opening curtains to let in natural sunlight and arrange a comfortable spot where you can journal, listen to music, or meditate. You may find that decluttering is therapeutic or you may choose to add plants or art to your space.

Schedule Time With Loved Ones

The people who love you may not know what to say or how to act, but they may be willing to listen. As you share your feelings and memories, you may experience healing. Even the act of spending time with friends and family can be therapeutic.

Recognize the Value of Boundaries

It can be difficult to recognize your own needs, but overextending yourself at work or with distractions may increase your anxiety. Pay attention to your physical and mental responses. It is okay to say no to extra work and activities that aren’t helping you. While spending time with others is important, an appropriate amount of time by yourself can also be emotionally healing.

Volunteer Your Time

Research has shown that volunteering is helpful during the grieving process. When and where you spend your time is something you need to determine. Some people find that it’s most helpful to volunteer with a group that they are passionate about, and others choose an organization that is important to their loved ones. 

You can then use free resume templates to make yourself a more compelling candidate. Not only can you detail your skills and show why you’re a good fit, but you can also customize font, colors, and style to personalize your volunteer application.

Adopt a Pet

There are many benefits to having a pet for a companion. Animals trigger endorphins, give you the motivation to take walks, and provide a loving, listening ear. Make sure you understand the monetary and time commitments that are associated with caring for a pet. You may find that the efforts necessary to care for an animal are also therapeutic.

Establish a Nonprofit

Setting up a nonprofit in your loved one’s honor can be a great way to find meaning in your loss. Choose an organization your loved one was passionate about and set up a nonprofit that allows you to apply for grants and public funding. If you need help setting up bylaws and moving forward, check out this online guide to setting up a nonprofit.

Be Kind to Yourself as You Heal

Everyone’s response to grief is unique, and the path to healing is very individual. Whether you choose to start a nonprofit or immerse yourself in nature, give yourself plenty of leeway to change and adapt to your conflicting emotions.

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