How to Survive Quarantine With Your Partner Without Losing Mental Health

Wondering how you’re ever going to survive quarantine with your partner without losing mental health?

Over the last month the COVID-19 effect has drastically changed and impacted our lives in away that we are still trying to process it all at the same time, which can feel overwhelming, scary, and uncertain. Many people feel they might be losing mental health in the process.

Quarantine and social distancing are the two most popular words nowadays. It seems these are the best options to prevent the spread of this virus.

However, how are quarantine and social distancing affecting our relationship with our partner??

Many of us are wearing multiple hats, working from home, educating our children at home, being a wife, online grocery shopper, keeping a clean home, etc. Furthermore, on top of that we’re keeping up with hygiene procedures to somehow prevent this virus to come into our homes.

I know It sounds exhausting even just typing this up!! As you can see, we are all experiencing so much at once!

Here are 5 tips on how to survive quarantine with your partner:

Communication is critical for not losing mental health

Yes I know this is not new, but in reality it’s important to acknowledge our emotions, feelings, and even to share these with our partner, as uncertainty increases over when all of this will be over, we must communicate with our partners and allow them to express their struggles, this can be a great opportunity to grow together as a couple and to talk about the relationship.

Spend time together

Many think that in order to go on a date with your partner it has to be somewhere or something fancy. However, it can take place at the comfort of your own home. And honestly we don’t have many options at this time, so we can make the best of it.

If you have a backyard you can pack a picnic for both of you or include the kiddos, movie night is always a great option, although my husband falls asleep 10 minutes into a movie so I rather do something else, board games can be another great option which can extend to the entire family or just the two of you, bubble baths, wine tasting, trying a new recipe together, listening to relationship/marriage podcast and talking about it, this last one can definitely help with the communication aspect, and lastly dress up at home! This can be fun and entertained as well.

Take time alone

As equally important as it is to spend time with our partner we must take time alone, before this pandemic situation we had a set schedule, a daily routine whether it was going into work or being a stay at home mom, having that time for yourself is priceless, therefore come up with a list of things that you miss to do by yourself and that you can still include in your new schedule, this could be working out at home, reading a book, writing a journal, catching up on your favorite netflix series, painting, etc. Communicate to your partner how important this is for you and also find out about what they would like to do on their alone time, they need it as much as you do… Communication is key!.

Develop healthy coping skills

Let’s be honest! we are all experiencing some kind of stress during this time, whether financially, unexpected change of routines, home school, and most of all regaining our freedom back, to just be out and about like we used to, sounds great doesn’t it? Well, in the meantime develop a list of healthy coping skills that can help you for now, these includes listening to soothing music, connecting with family and friends even if it’s virtually, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, writing a journal, working out, etc. Include your partner to learn about their coping skills, this can be a great tool to get to know each other more and how to grow as a couple overall.

And lastly… when it come to avoiding losing mental health, it’s all about new perspective

Remind yourself of the things you can control at this time, such as creating a new schedule, setting a new routine, learning new ways how to engage with your partner, resting as much as needed, or connecting with the kids; allow this time to work on yourself and to grow as an individual, because soon enough we will go back to our crazy and busy lives and we will miss this opportunity!!! #mentalhealth#relationships#quarantine#marriage#blog

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