Journey in Progress

Sitting in front of the fire on this uncommonly cold winter day in Cypress, TX, I reflect on the whirlwind of the last six weeks. Not only did we (my family and I) survive the holidays, but I managed to survive first my father and then my husband’s mother each having stays in different ICUs. And a move of business locations. And, currently, a build out. I am one who welcomes change, as it provides an opportunity for growth,  something new, and opportunities to learn. But so many in a short period of time is, well, stressful. But as I reflect on past life experiences, I recognize that sometimes we don’t get a choice in our change. Or the timing of them. And while change can be exciting, it can also be scary. The fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. So in times of change, wanted or not, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

Be Realistic. Keep goals simple and attainable. Measure progress by movement toward those goals, no matter how big or small the move.Stay Positive. Focus on the blessings of each day, not the failures. Appreciate the moments and recognize it is a process.Be Mindful. Recognize your emotions both positive and not-so-positive and CHOOSE your responses.Breathe. In and out. Focus on your breath and listen to the beat of your heart. Peace comes from within.Recognize what you have control of and what you do not. You ALWAYS get to control how you respond to each and every situation.

Using these five skills, I have not just made it. But THRIVED. My heart is full of the many many blessings I have been entrusted with and am filled with excitement. For the final product of the beautiful, peaceful, and healing environment being created in my new office space. For all those who have already entered and left less burdened. And, for those yet to come!
So the next time you encounter change in your path, remember to use these five strategies to manage your stress and thrive on your personal journey.

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