Mental Health Tips: Today is a Gift, that’s why they call it the Present.

Some mental health tips seem too trite to be true or effective. However, that isn’t always the case…

When it comes to mental health tips, you’ve likely heard that it’s important to, “…stop and take time to smell the roses.” Like many sayings we hear and repeat, there is a reason that saying is so well known.

Traffic, work, children, to-do lists…these are just a few things that weigh on our shoulders every day. The thoughts in our head are running at 1,000 miles per hour. Before you know it, we’ve completely missed what was right in front of us… that beautiful sunset, the wind in our hair, the birds chirping.

Our lives as so busy, that we often don’t even realize that we never took the time to step back, and reflect on how far we have come.

We’re already thinking about tomorrow and next week, but what about today?

Whatever happened to living for today?

Perhaps, we are on the opposite end of the spectrum and we are stuck in yesterday. Reviewing all of our failures, going through every way we messed up, and telling ourselves we will never change.

We are so stuck in our ways, so afraid to even picture ourselves being any different. For some reason, this sadness has become comforting. “Where do I go from here? There is nothing under my control.”

Evidence has shown time and time again, we can physically cause our body to feel calm by simply breathing.

What if today… we made the decision to begin listening to what our body needs?

If we made the effort to go outside, and feel that sun we have been ignoring for all long?

What if today we actually forced ourselves to slow down and be still?

Unfamiliar territory, yes, but it can make a huge difference.

Here’s one of the most effective mental health tips there is: Challenge yourself to live for today.

Stop to notice the leaves rustling in the trees; to notice the air in your lungs; to inhale what you need and exhale what you don’t need; to feel what it’s like to simply… be.

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