One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I have to admit, I do love the cooler temperatures. I rather enjoy the unpredictable spring-time weather in the Houston area. And I especially love it when we get something besides hot, and hotter still. Sitting on my couch snuggling with my furry friends under a cozy blanket in front of a fire is my idea of bliss. But, not all Houstonians share my sentiment. Halfway into April this year, temperatures have dropped into the 40’s several times followed by raises heading into the 80’s. Many complaints have been heard around the city and moans of, “Not again!” or “Winter is OVER!!” Such responses are due to the change without notice. New wardrobes and shoes are again used instead of lighter, more colorful fabrics. The unexpected weather change is a disruption to forward movement. Life is much the same way, isn’t it?

Right in the middle of our upward course, some unwanted event pushes us backward. A car accident, loosing someone, a break up, unemployment, and the list goes on. When our plans are thwarted, our expectations unmet, life becomes cold and discouraging. And, though life’s seasons are ever changing, sometimes it feels as if the interruption is to stay. This is because our emotions are so powerful. They are real, and they will direct how you act. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could change how we felt? Oh, but we CAN!

Feelings are real, but they are not fact. Emotions change and moods swing. Facts are consistent. Logical, black and white, and are supported with evidence. Changing how we feel means taking a step back. Pausing. Taking three deep breaths in and out for three seconds. Then look for facts. When we take a moment to breath, our logic has time to catch up with our emotion. It gives us a space for logic to recognize truth. Then, taking into consideration both the logical and emotional, we are able to make a wise decision. One to realign our expectations, set goals, focus on how we want to respond, and then to respond instead of react.

Life, just like the weather, is subject to change. But, we can decide how to respond to it every time. Some seasons are more difficult. But not one season has the power to determine how we choose to proceed.

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