How Do Eating Disorders Affect the Brain?

Eating Disorders Therapy - How eating disorders affect the brain

Eating disorders affect more people than many expect and the results can be seen in more than weight itself. Extreme weight loss. Brittle nails. Dry skin. Dehydration. Constipation. Fatigue. Insomnia. Low blood pressure. Thinning hair. Dizziness. Fainting.  Many of the signs and symptoms shown by eating disorders are associated with the human body. But the […]

Eating Disorders Under the Magnifying Glass: What Role Does the Media Play?

the role of media in eating disorders therapy Cypress TX counseling

Eating disorders are psychological disorders that involve abnormal or disturbed eating habits. Typically, those affected with eating disorders are obsessed with their food, body weight, and body shape. They often have an “ideal body image” in mind as a goal. The media doesn’t make it any easier on someone already experiencing poor body image issues. […]