Anxiety and Gut Problems: How Do They Go Together?

An image of a woman dealing with anxiety and gut problems seated on a bed wrapper her arms around her own abdomen.

Are Your Gut Problems And Anxiety Linked?  According to a Harvard Health Publishing article posted in 2021, the answer to the question, are your gut problems and anxiety related, is a resounding yes. Maybe you’re familiar with sayings such as, “gut-wrenching experience” and having “butterflies in your stomach.” These are expressions born of the gut-brain […]

How Can LENS Neurofeedback Help You Through Your Healing Journey?

LENS neurofeedback counseling Cypress, TXto heal from trauma

When you are trying to heal through certain stressors in your life, it can be hard to figure out what will work best for you. If you need help through your healing journey, LENS Neurofeedback may be able to help you. Why consider LENS neurofeedback? Every individual, the experiences they face, and how they work […]