Bryan Bankhead

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Bryan Bankhead, Integrative Health Practitioner Level 2
LENS Neurofeedback

Experience: Since 2022
In person/Telehealth Options: Neurofeedback – In Person, Integrative Health Practitioner Sessions – Virtual or In Person
Ages seen: 5 and up
Populations: Children to adults
Days/Hours Available: Monday 8-5, Wednesday 8-5, Thursday 8-5
Specialties: LENS Neurofeedback Technician & Integrative Health Practitioner working with functional medicine practices

I understand the profound connection between the mind and the gut, nutrition, and overall body health. As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I not only utilize LENS Neurofeedback to synchronize brain activity for mental clarity but also advocate for gut health and proper nutrition as foundational elements to alleviate mental health conditions. Recognizing that a balanced body can lead to a balanced mind, I guide you through a holistic program tailored to nourish your body, fortify your gut health, and support your mental and emotional wellness. Let’s journey towards holistic healing together.




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I’m excited to share with you my journey towards becoming a Level 2 Integrative Health Practitioner under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Cabral. My path through the extensive online health coach certification curriculum has broadened my understanding and equipped me with the holistic and alternative health strategies necessary to assist others in achieving their wellness objectives. This program emphasizes a holistic approach and caters to every level of expertise, from Level 1 to Mastery, including a unique pathway to becoming a Certified High-Performance Health Coach. Focused on functional medicine lab testing, I use precision tools to pinpoint and address the root causes of symptoms, providing life-changing results for my clients.

At Serenity, my dedication is to transform lives through LENS Neurofeedback, an advanced technique that aligns with your brain’s natural rhythms to promote balance and optimal functionality. This innovative method is designed to alleviate symptoms associated with mental health challenges, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, and beyond, leading to enhanced well-being and quality of life.

I understand how life’s challenges can impact both mental and physical health, and I am here to offer a beacon of hope and healing. My commitment to an integrative and holistic approach to wellness underscores my belief in the power of personalized care. With my support and the cutting-edge techniques at Serenity, you’re not alone on your health journey. Embrace the opportunity for healing, renewal, and the discovery of inner peace that awaits.

How I work

My approach to wellness and healing begins with a comprehensive intake process, designed to uncover the underlying conditions that contribute to your concerns. This initial phase is crucial, as it involves detailed assessments that allow me to gain a deep understanding of your unique situation. My objective is not just to treat symptoms, but to identify and address the root causes of your suffering, ensuring that the care you receive is as effective and personalized as possible.

In determining whether LENS Neurofeedback, Integrative Health Practices, or a combination of both will best serve your needs, I take into account the intricate interplay between mind and body. My focus is on holistic healing—looking beyond the surface to uncover the foundational issues contributing to your mental and physical health challenges.

I strive to understand the root causes of your suffering through a meticulous evaluation of your health history, current symptoms, and lifestyle factors. This thorough understanding informs my decision on the most appropriate and effective treatment path for you, whether that be the advanced technology of LENS Neurofeedback, the holistic approach of Integrative Health Practices, or an integrated strategy employing both methodologies.

My work is centered on the belief that true healing begins when we address the complexities of the individual as a whole. By focusing on the root causes of one’s concerns, I aim to facilitate lasting change, empowering you to achieve a balanced state of wellness and improved quality of life.

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Are you ready to revolutionize your health by exploring the link between gut health and overall well-being?

Reach out to Bryan Bankhead and start working with a functional medicine integrative health practitioner today. Discover a personalized health plan that dives deep into your unique needs, addressing not just symptoms but the root causes of your concerns. Embrace a transformative journey toward lasting wellness. Let us help you unlock the secrets to a healthier you by understanding and improve your gut health.
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After spending years in the electrical field and enduring my own personal struggles, I was presented with an extraordinary opportunity for healing through the guidance of a mental health therapist and LENS Neurofeedback. Witnessing the remarkable transformations, both in myself and in others, ignited a deep desire within me to share this life-changing knowledge with the world. The profound impact that LENS Neurofeedback had on my own journey inspired me to become a LENS Neurofeedback technician, driven by the passion to help as many people as possible find solace, healing, and renewed hope in their own lives.

Embarking on my personal journey in counseling was a profound and transformative experience. Through the guidance of a compassionate therapist, I navigated the intricate layers of my pain, unraveling the emotional knots that had held me captive for far too long. The safe and non-judgmental space created during therapy enabled me to explore my innermost thoughts, emotions, and fears with honesty and vulnerability. It was within this therapeutic alliance that I discovered newfound resilience, self-compassion, and a sense of empowerment. Counseling became a catalyst for my personal growth and transformation, illuminating a path towards healing, self-discovery, and a renewed zest for life. I am forever grateful for the therapeutic journey that has shaped me into the person I am today.

  1. When I’m not working, you’ll often find me exploring the great outdoors. I have a deep appreciation for nature and find solace in activities like golfing, fishing, and hunting. These outdoor pursuits provide me with a sense of tranquility and help me connect with the beauty of the natural world.
  2. My love for my family and friends knows no bounds. They are the pillars of support in my life, and their presence brings me immense joy and fulfillment. Sharing special moments and creating lasting memories with my loved ones is something I hold dear, and it reinforces the importance of connection and nurturing relationships in my personal and professional journey.
  3. As I continue to grow and evolve, I have discovered a newfound passion for helping others heal. Witnessing the transformative power of LENS Neurofeedback in my own life, I am dedicated to supporting individuals on their healing journeys. Guiding others towards their own path of healing, growth, and self-discovery is an honor and a calling that fuels my sense of purpose and brings me immense fulfillment.