Holly McGowan Eligio

Holly McGowan Eligio, LMSW

Supervised by Kelly Guynes, LCSW-S
Populations: Adolescents (13 and up), Adults, Families
Days/Hours Available: Monday 1-7PM, Tuesday 1-7PM, Friday 8AM-5PM, Saturday 9AM-1PM

Professional Profile

Holly is a Licenced Master Social Worker with experience providing intensive outpatient therapy with adolescents as well as providing case management services to families in schools. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Bachelor of Science in computer science and then went on to earn her Masters in Social Work from the University of Houston.




Hello! Congratulations on making the first step on this journey in therapy! Sometimes beginning therapy can be intimidating, and I hope to create a safe space for you where you feel accepted, challenged, and empowered in working towards your goals.

How I work

I see therapy as a partnership, and I hope to tailor my style of therapy to the needs, comfort, and preferences of the individual so that therapy can be a truly collaborative process. I take a strengths based approach: in therapy I help clients to identify and tap into their natural qualities that can be used to cope and build resiliency. I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). As a social worker, I see clients in the context of their community, of their culture, of their relationships, and of all the systems that they are interacting with. I believe that these are crucial to understanding a person.


I wanted to understand people, normalize talking about mental health issues, and make therapy more accessible. In different settings, I saw people struggling with mental health. I saw what it looks like to feel stuck in it and what it looks like to grow and thrive through all of it. I wanted to understand the factors that lead to mental health struggles and the factors that lead to improvement.

What inspires me as a therapist is the strength that I see in my clients. Seeing clients gaining greater self awareness and thriving while facing challenges brings me joy.

I practice self care primarily through my spirituality: I journal and pray. I also love spending time outside and going on bike rides and walks.

Mindfulness is a crucial piece in the therapy process. The first step to working on a problem is becoming aware: aware of our emotions and thoughts and how it influences our behavior and the behavior of those around us. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are closely tied, and therapy works best when those factors are integrated.