Julia Novosad


Julia Novosad

Mail: julia@serenitywellnesscc.com
Experience: Student in Masters program. 10+ years in Education. Completed the NCC exam.
In person/Telehealth Options: Both
Ages seen: 5+
Populations:  Children, adolescents, adults
Days/Hours Available: Mondays & Tuesdays 12pm-8pm, Saturdays – By Appointment Only





As a soon to be Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, I am eager to help you on whatever journey you may be on to reach your mental health goals. When working with clients, my hope is that they find a way to live their life as the best and truest version of themselves. Using a holistic approach, I combine many different theories to cater the type of care that best fits your personality and needs. I hope to support and uplift you to help you better understand yourself and any struggles or concerns you may be facing in your overall wellness.

My individualized treatment plans will equip you with and allow you to practice successfully utilizing helpful tools, realistic skills, and psychoeducation that will empower you to make the changes you want to see in your life. We will work together to develop the goals you have for yourself, and along the way, we will work through day to day struggles that may arise. Through complex evaluation, we may uncover underlying history or experiences that may be causing more disturbance to your daily life than you realize and work to resolve those complications. I am passionate about learning and continuing my training to develop the best possible care for each and every client.

Overall, my hope for you is that you walk away from our time together feeling passionate about taking your life into your own hands and elevating your overall mental health and wellness to whatever degree you dream of. I am passionate about rewriting any stigma people may feel about addressing their feelings. Life is complicated, but therapy is a place where you can freely express your thoughts and needs. My job is to ensure you can see your own strengths and find the tools you need to tackle life’s challenges.

My passion to help people make sense of their world will help me guide you in finding the joy and meaning in life you may be missing. I am excited to help you take the first steps toward a happier, healthier, more empowered version of yourself to help you live your life in the best way possible.

How I work

As a mental health therapist, I use a combination of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and Humanistic approaches to create a positive, supportive, and empathetic environment that fosters personal growth and transformation. I work collaboratively with clients to identify and challenge negative thought patterns and behaviors, developing coping strategies and skills to promote resilience and confidence.

By emphasizing client strengths and solutions, I help individuals build on their existing abilities and create a sense of hope and empowerment. Through active listening, genuine empathy, and unconditional acceptance, I create a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, ultimately promoting self-awareness, self-acceptance, and personal growth.



After 10+ years of teaching, I continued to find that my favorite part of the job was helping struggling students during times of despair. Being able to find their strengths, uplift them with positivity, and show them support when they may have felt like no one else could was inspiring. Seeing the journey of those students grow and learn from adversity and knowing I could help play even a small role was the deciding factor that this would be my passion forever. My interest in the human brain and navigating my own personal struggles over the years helped cement the path I would take to get here just at the right time in my life to be able to provide the best care possible to all of my future clients.

I would teach how to experience all emotions, without judgment. We are all often so quick to admonish ourselves for reacting a certain way or experiencing a feeling that we believe is not fitting to the situation. In reality, oftentimes we do not have control over our immediate reactions and they are shaped by our past and present experiences. Knowing that and understanding how we are shaped by relationships, society, and interpretations of reality can help us better view ourselves and the way we experience our life. Our reactions are a culmination of things that are outside of our control, so it is important to let our body process those feelings, no matter what they are. Then, with the help of counseling, we use tools to overcome emotions or unpleasant reactions.

I have utilized counseling to overcome several obstacles in my life. I learned that finding the right fit is key to therapeutic success. Once I found the right counselor to match my needs, I was able to feel comfortable enough to fully express my feelings. I often thought I knew everything about my feelings and that my emotional intelligence meant I didn’t need help. However, in finding the right counselor, I was able to unlock unprocessed emotions from childhood traumas and fully progress through the final stages of unresolved grief that led me to flourish in adulthood.

It may seem cliche, but I would recommend Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb. If anyone is on the fence about therapy, it provides a glimpse into the process and power of how counseling can change your life, while also provide very relatable stories that can start to unlock the vulnerability you might be holding back to allow your willingness to be honest with yourself about where you are and what you want.

I hope to work with clients who are dedicated to investing in themselves the time and effort it will take to transform their lives. No matter the level of hesitation or uncertainty, I want to work with those who recognize there is a need for help or room to grow. Anyone willing to show up and put in the work will be a rewarding client to work with. It’s never too late to take one step forward and watch your life change, no matter how big or small the victories that keep you going.

I aim to never lose sight of the need to learn and grow. I am a big fan of podcasts that teach me more about myself or about humanity. I also enjoy staying active and working out, while doing my best to make purposeful choices about the food that fuels me, especially in times of stress. Most importantly, I always prioritize time with family and friends to help maintain the relationships that rejuvenate me.

Lori Gottlieb, Steven Bartlett, and Paul Holes. All three have been part of my podcast journey and all have such insightful experiences in life and in their work. I would love simply listening to the conversations they were able to spark up between them and would find fascinating discussions of humanity and existence with their incredibly vast array of knowledge and understandings of life.

I have learned through my own experience how various aspects of life can weigh heavily on others. I have come to learn that a holistic approach to any kind of wellness for our bodies and minds is essential. Understanding ourselves as a system is key to enacting lasting change. The benefit of utilizing this in therapy is to not only understand root causes to certain struggles, but helping the client create solutions that will allow for better functioning on all levels.

I have coached Volleyball, Golf, and CrossFit. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, especially when hosting others. I love board games and can be quite competitive, especially with my family.