Allow us to introduce Maze, our exceptional service dog who plays an integral role in enhancing the therapeutic experience at Serenity Wellness and Counseling Center. As Morgan’s dedicated companion, Maze brings a unique blend of compassion, support, and playfulness to our clients, particularly with children.

Maze, a charming and attentive Goldendoodle, has undergone extensive training alongside Morgan to become a certified service dog. With her friendly demeanor and gentle nature, Maze quickly forms deep connections with clients, creating a safe and nurturing environment for healing. Her presence brings comfort to those who may have struggled with therapy in the past, providing a sense of reassurance and security.

One of Maze’s special roles is working with children clients. She adores spending time with young individuals and understands the unique needs they may have during therapy sessions. Maze actively engages with children, offering them an opportunity to earn rewards and engage in interactive activities, fostering a positive and enjoyable therapeutic experience. Her presence helps children feel more at ease, encouraging open communication and trust with Morgan.

Throughout her journey, Maze has been refining her skills for over a year, continuously learning and growing alongside Morgan. She is adept at sensing emotions and providing comforting support to clients, creating a bond that goes beyond words. Maze’s intuitive nature allows her to identify when someone needs extra love and care, often providing a gentle nudge or a comforting presence when it is most needed.

Outside of her therapy duties, Maze loves to play fetch, explore the outdoors, and receive belly rubs from her adoring fans. She is a beloved member of our team, cherished by both clients and staff for her unwavering dedication and unwavering loyalty.

We are grateful for the incredible impact that Maze has had on our clients’ lives, especially children, and the transformative experiences she helps facilitate. Her presence is a testament to our commitment to providing holistic and compassionate care. If you have the opportunity, come and meet Maze, and witness firsthand the joy, comfort, and support she brings to our therapy sessions.