Natalie Parffrey

LPC-Associate Supervised by
Supervisor: April West LPC-S lisc# 76059

Natalie Parffrey, LPC-Associate

LPC-Associate Supervised by
Supervisor: April West LPC-S lisc# 76059

Experience: Member of the International Honors Society in Psychology, 4.0 GPA. Family and Individual Lifespan Development, Positive Psychology, Attachment-Based Practice, Early Childhood Education and Development, BA Psychology University of Houston, MA Clinical Psychology; specialization in Clinical Psychology and Applied Research Capella University
In person/Telehealth Options: Both
Ages seen: 16+
Populations: Individuals, Families, Couples, Children, Adolescents & Adults
Days/Hours Available: Monday-Friday, Wednesday virtual only




Despite what ole Forrest Gump shared with us while sitting on a park bench, life may not always be a box of chocolates. Sometimes it just seems like a downright box of rocks. Sometimes we might feel overwhelmed, stuck, irritated, anxious, depressed, alone, misunderstood and frustrated with the way things are and the burdens we carry. We may struggle to understand ourselves, and those we love, or perhaps we think there must be something wrong with us or the world we live in. You might wonder what is the purpose of all of this and what am I supposed to do!? How can I find happiness and peace?

Let’s start with putting down that box of rocks.

You don’t have to do this alone. There are answers and I am prepared to help you explore these questions. Therapy is a place where, together, we can explore your thoughts, feelings, and subconscious mind, while tapping into your personal strengths which make you accomplished, unique and at peace in your own mind, body and relationships.

In a life that may seem so uncertain, one thing is true. There is hope, joy and peace for you and it’s within your grasp. I congratulate you on your pursuit and desire to find the change you are seeking.

As an experienced solution focused, and trauma informed therapist, I believe that the answers you are seeking are closer than they appear. I believe in a tailored approach for my clients that will aid you in bringing your subconscious wisdom to the forefront of your mind. I believe my clients have the ability to be successful on their own accord. My purpose is to be there alongside you while you embark on your therapeutic journey as you discover or rediscover your strengths, abilities, confidence and your own inner wisdom that aids you in developing the life of satisfaction that you so deserve. As a patient, supportive and non-enabling therapist, I am here to listen, explore and guide you through your journey, aimed with evidence based practice and loyalty to those seeking a life worth living. I also enjoy working with symbolism and incorporating dream work and imagery into sessions when applicable to aid your in your exploration of your implicit and unconscious mind.

How I work

My therapy style can be described as empathetic, holistic, tailored, honest, and non-enabling. While empathy is at the core of my approach, I genuinely strive to understand your experiences, emotions, and challenges from your perspective. I provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can freely express yourself and feel truly heard and understood. I aim to foster a strong therapeutic alliance built on trust, compassion, and mutual respect. By using evidence-based practices, I tailor my approach to meet your specific needs and goals. While considering you as a whole person, and that your well-being is interconnected with various aspects of your life, we can work together to promote a more balanced and fulfilling life by addressing all these aspects. Honesty is a cornerstone of our therapeutic relationship. I strive to create an environment where open and honest communication can flourish. I use my intuition, experience, and education to help provide insights in a respectful and transparent manner in order to guide you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the challenges you face. This honesty creates a foundation for growth and empowers you to make meaningful changes in your life.In therapy, it is important to apply what we talk about together in our session. From time to time, it may be important to utilize homework practice to apply and develop valuable skills. This may include reflection journals, mindfulness practice, breath work, or learning your inner strengths. I aim to empower you to take ownership of your journey and develop the skills and resilience needed to overcome obstacles and enjoy life. Together, we will work towards building your self-efficacy, fostering confidence and self-esteem, and supporting your personal agency. Ultimately, my therapy style is centered around your well-being, growth, and empowerment. Combining empathy, a holistic approach, tailored techniques, honesty, and support, we will collaboratively navigate your path to positive change and a more fulfilling life.


My decision to become a counselor is driven by a deep sense of compassion and a desire to help others. My journey has placed me as a mentor, counselor, teacher, and confidant from very early on. I believe that my story and challenges allowed me the ability to fine-tune my skills and intuition. Witnessing the struggles of my loved ones, while experiencing personal challenges due to these struggles has sparked a deep empathy and drive within me to help make a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of empathy and therapeutic practice. For this reason, I truly possess a passion for teaching and helping others.
I believe that each person has their own skill or technique they would like to foster to find or maintain a sense of joy or peace in their lives. If I could teach the world one skill or technique, it would be how to trust and believe in yourself while you learn to foster those skills. By learning our unique strengths, we can become comfortable and confident with ourselves and our relationships.
Yes, I have been in counseling myself and continue to attend counseling. The process can be highly transformative and reassuring. In therapy, I have learned to place less focus on external opinions and to trust the process. Overall I have learned how to manage anxiety and how I can maintain peace and security in my interpersonal life. I continue to learn daily and genuinely believe we are lifelong learners.

I enjoy books that will inspire the readers to apply techniques that are taught within the content of the book, and that can be read quickly.

The book suggestion would be based on the client’s needs.

  1. “Focusing” – Eugene Gendlin

Self Help book to aid the reader in developing self-awareness and getting in touch with what they are feeling.

  1. “Boundaries” – John Townsendand Henry Cloud

Learn when to say yes and how to say no in order to gain control of your life.

  1. “Hold Me Tight”- Dr. Sue Johnson

Emotion focused couple’s therapy book that views the love relationship as an attachment bond. Aids in helping couples to improve communication and the ability to be vulnerable with one another.

  1. “Learned Optimism”- Martin Seligman Ph.D.

Learn how to attain maximum personal achievement and improve your overall mood by changing your inner dialogue.

  1. “Authentic Happiness”- Martin Seligman Ph.D.

Teaches the reader that happiness can be cultivated using your inner strengths, which can create a buffer against negative emotion.

  1. “The Optimistic Child” – Martin Seligman Ph.D.

Learn to safeguard children against depression and aid them in developing lifelong resilience.

Successful therapy is dependent on the therapeutic relationship between counselor and client. I am committed to any client who is seeking help and who needs someone to listen. To me, ideal clients are open to exploring their thoughts and emotions and various perspectives. I believe that trust and honesty is vital in the therapeutic relationship and that it is important to trust the process and be willing to apply yourself in your therapeutic journey. It can be difficult to work for change, but I will be in your corner along the way.
I practice self-care by expressing myself to a loved one, through gardening, journaling, going for walks to expend pent up anxiety or energy, listening to birds and nature, dancing and spending quality time with my cat.
If I were to host a dinner party, it would be outdoors on a nice evening, and the invitation would be extended to anyone who wishes to attend. I have learned so much from various people throughout my lifetime, and even small talk can impact someone in a positive way. My family and friends have always noted that I can find a conversation in the least expected place. Pets are welcome to the dinner party too!
Holistic practices recognize the interconnectedness of various aspects of an individual’s life, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. They aim to address the whole person rather than focusing solely on specific symptoms or challenges. Often what we are experiencing mentally is triggered by our physical life style, just as our mental state can produce physical symptoms of discomfort or joy. By listening to a client and their expression of symptoms, together we might review simple life style changes that could impact our well-being, such as caffeine intake, sleep quality, physical movement, meditation, diet, self-awareness, social environment and emotional regulation.
  1. I love gardening and spending time in nature. I started a registered butterfly waystation from scratch and built a goldfish pond in my backyard. I am a self-taught gardener and learned through books and gardening articles. My cat likes to help me in the garden by lying around and supervising the progress. It brings me great joy to see that even just the insects find happiness, food, and security in this place.
  2. I love the moon, and I enjoy following celestial events. I try to keep up with the upcoming meteor showers, moon phases, and potential eclipses. I feel that by doing this, I am reminded that the obstacles we may face are temporary and that they are only as “big” as we allow them to be.
  3. I am the first-born Texan in my family. I grew up all over Houston, leading me to meet many different people and work in many different settings throughout my childhood. I have a little background and exposure to almost everywhere and everything, which has aided me in my ability to value perspectives, experiences, and has helped me connect with many different people