Terrific Health Practices to Help You Feel Fantastic

When you prioritize your physical and mental wellness, and follow up with good health practices, you eliminate much of the pain and worry that plague people who live life on autopilot.

If you’ve caught yourself spiraling into a trap of floating through life without much attention to your well-being, use these suggestions from Serenity Wellness & Counseling to improve your health practices and get back on track.

Maintain a Balanced Schedule

You have to make time to live healthily. Start by determining what activities and concerns are time wasters and cutting them out. Headspace suggests filling your day with constructive routines, which research says lessens your stress and helps you to make better decisions. You should analyze your schedule every few months to ensure your plan is realistic.
Include sleep in your schedule to keep yourself refreshed. Create bedtime rituals to help you keep a consistent hour for slumber. Keep electronics out of the bedroom as much as possible and don’t sleep in or take midday naps to avoid grogginess.

Look Your Best

Gain self-assurance by finding clothes that fit correctly and accentuate your best features. Confidence in your looks makes you feel better about yourself, so purchase fashionable and functional garments. You don’t have to sacrifice style, even when lounging. Leggings, a linen dress, or a cloud cotton robe allows you to relax and look great doing it.

Relieve Work Stress

Office space should minimize physical strain and mental pressure. If you work from home part-time or full-time, convert your work area for convenience, comfort, and productivity. Ensure your keyboard and mouse are at the correct height and position with an adjustable chair or desk. You may look into spending more on a mechanical keyboard or vertical mouse to minimize wrist pain.
Include soothing and inspiring aromas in your office to help you focus and work hard. Scents like peppermint and lemon can invigorate your mind and spirit. Opt for diffusers with essential oils or candles from natural products instead of spraying air fresheners. A vase of fresh flowers livens the air and your decor.

Start Stretching

Proper stretching can lessen muscle and joint pain as well as prevent future injury. Extending your joints enables you to improve your posture and decreases muscle soreness. Talk to your health care provider about the stretches you can safely implement throughout the day.

Cut Sugary Drinks

Studies cited by The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia link the overconsumption of sugar to a litany of health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and increasing obesity. Heart disease, mental degeneration, and depression have all been linked as side effects of sugar, and the worst offenders are popular soft drinks and juices. Purchase drinks with natural ingredients and avoid the cloying flavor of high fructose corn syrup. Cut cravings by starting the day with a glass of water and keeping a bottle on hand that holds your daily intake as a convenient reminder.

Make Healthfulness a Family Affair

Help your kids try these tips. They may not have a job, but stress-reducing techniques for coping with schoolwork and extracurriculars prepare them for the working world. Plan times for the family to enjoy physical activity together, such as a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood after dinner. Everyone can work to select healthy products for groceries and recreation. Before buying an item that makes health improvement claims, read thorough and unbiased reviews to verify the assertions.
Good health is a lifestyle decision that requires intelligent choices that benefit you from head to toe. Gradual daily adjustments, like reducing work stress and cutting out sugar, help you build a sound mind and body.

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Article written by Jennifer McGregor

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