Tips For The Sober Curious

Have you started asking yourself questions about drinking? Are you curious about your relationship with alcohol? Perhaps you’ve headed out for an evening with friends and thought you might skip the alcoholic beverages as an experiment. Maybe you succeeded or maybe you didn’t. The point is that you may be entering the realm of what is referred to as “sober curious.” Such an interesting term that has emerged as a book of the same name that has turned into a movement originally published in 2018 by author, Ruby Warrington. 

Many people begin their sober curious journey right after the start of a New Year by participating in “Dry January.” Oftentimes this curiosity becomes deeper and gets explored in a variety of ways which has now evolved into a trend.

The Sober Curious Trend 

The sober curious trend refers to a growing number of people who are choosing either to take a break from alcohol for a short period of time or even permanently.  In other words, people who are experimenting with their relationships with alcohol in a variety of different ways. The reasons for the popularity of the trend are many. 

The main reason for the popularity of the sober curious trend is because of the negative health side effects of drinking too much alcohol. These include liver damage, heart disease and cancer. In addition, drinking alcohol can also cause mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. 

Tips For The Sober Curious

If you have decided to question your relationship with alcohol, and begin to explore the sober curious trend, there are wonderful ways to begin. Educating yourself is a good start. Reading some of the current books about alcohol, starting with Ruby Warrington’s book, Sober Curious. 

Discover Alternative Activities

If going out drinking with your friends has been your main source of entertainment, it may be difficult to imagine what else there is to do. But there are plenty of fun activities that don’t involve alcohol. Movies, local live performances including music and plays are great adventures. Taking a long walk or taking one of the many online classes or a class at the local college will get the endorphins and/or the brain cells moving in exciting new ways.

Yoga and meditation classes are also wonderful alternatives to spending hours in a bar. Many people say they get high from doing yoga! You never know, a new hobby could become a lifelong source of pleasure no matter how deep you go into sober curiosity!

If You’re Curious About What Happens To Your Body Without Alcohol 

If you’ve established a length of time goal to experiment to experiment with sober curious, the following is how your body responds to being alcohol-free after just 3 weeks:

  • Improved Liver health 
  • Stabilized Blood pressure 
  • Improved Heart health 
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased clarity
  • Better kidney health
  • Sleep patterns regulate

Be Easy On Yourself

Being sober curious does not have any restrictions, timetables, or any just limitations. It’s about curiosity. If you are curious and decide to experiment, remember not to put pressure on yourself. After a few days, do a review and ask yourself how you feel. If you decide to explore your relationship with alcohol, remember that sober curiosity journey, it’s question-based journey, an exploration. 

Enjoy sober curious journey, and if you would like additional support, here at Serenity Wellness & Counseling we help clients achieve their goals and objectives for achieving optimal health and healing. It is our goal to maximize the impact we have on the people around us through an integrative holistic approach, integrating both conventional talk therapy and medication management with complementary therapies like neurofeedback, nutrition, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and mindfulness. 

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